Located at the multicultural crossroads, less than 2 hours away from the most important European capitals, Belgium has a long-standing tradition of welcoming talent from abroad. Multiple opportunities are available for cross-border talent at international institutions or within global companies.

Over the years, Experis has recognized and valued this source of talent, and we developed a specific know-how in this matter (relocation, visa etc.). We have successfully insourced talent from within and from outside the European Union. The world is our talent pool.

Why trust Experis?

  • We accompany you throughout the recruitment process, and we approach this in the most agile way possible. Exchanges and interviews are held by phone or via Skype, and we provide answers on the Belgian specifics in terms of languages, culture, salary ranges, taxes etc. We will also inform you on the “do’s and don’ts” when applying for a job in Belgium.
  • Once you are selected for a job in Belgium, we will also offer our expertise in solving the administrative equation. If you are a European Union resident, no additional paperwork is required. If you are not, we will assist you in obtaining visa, work permit…
  • Once the paperwork is done, and the employment contract is signed, Experis will help you relocate to Belgium. Finding a place to stay, opening a bank account, making the necessary arrangements for everyday needs such as water, electricity etc. Experis tells you how.
  • If you want to have an outside-in view on life and work in Belgium, Experis will network you with other cross-border consultants so they can share their personal experience on all topics that might cross your mind, work-related or not.