Young graduates

In between your graduation and your first steps in the world of work lies a crucial moment where you take decisions that are key for launching your career. Which sectors, companies or even job categories should you target to make your skills and competencies stand out? And once you have made that smart choice, how should you convince an employer of your sincere and well-considered motivation? There is a lot to think of in that crucial pivot between study and work.

Experis, leader in HR solutions, can be your coach in that process. We do not just take our candidates on the journey towards a first employment, but we offer the advice and counselling that guarantee this first employment to be a good individual choice for your career ambitions.

Why trust Experis?

  • Job offers on our website, updated on a daily basis. Please check the new openings regularly and apply for those offers that might fit your skills and interest.
  • Career counselling: Get in touch with one of our recruiters to reflect together on what is or is not the right opportunity for you. Being connected to Experis will enable us to alert you proactively if matching vacancies become available.
  • Application counselling: We provide you with tips and tricks on how to draft an effective resume, on how to prepare for interviews, how to make your skills stand out when in front of recruiters and employers etc.

We are present on number of jobfairs ! Never hesitate to get in touch with our recruiters!