Why Experis?

Experis finds it very important to provide all candidates on interview with honest and constructive feedback, even if they do not qualify for an open vacancy. It is our goal to make every encounter a worthwhile moment, even if no collaboration results from it.

When they evolve in their career, our target candidate population often reaches the managerial level positions and so in turn they become our future clients. Further down the road they may be open for a new challenge and become a candidate again… We never lose track of our alumni.

Experis offers its project consultants the guarantee of pro-grade follow-up. Building on that follow-up we define training needs and career paths for each individual. Experis sets high standards but measures them too: every month our added value is evaluated by each individual project consultant through a survey. Those survey results are analyzed in depth. Our clients recognize our follow-up to be a real differentiator for Experis in the competitive landscape. In an economy where interactions are kept as low-touch as possible for efficiency reasons, we keep believing that the human touch and the establishment of a “trusted advisor” relationship provides added value to the transaction.