Why Experis?

Years ago, companies like Experis differentiated themselves through the quality of their database. In a well-guarded environment, a wealth of resumes was kept, gathered over the years and fed from the daily input by staff members. Today this database is publicly available as most experts have created a detailed profile on platforms like LinkedIn and others. If you know where to look, they can be found…

Of course, our reputation in finding niche skills is still unrivalled, but today Experis looks beyond the phase where CV’s are provided… our added value extends to the tailor-made coaching we provide throughout the entire process of identification, persuasion, contract signature and onboarding.

Our experts identify our client’s competitive assets towards candidates and through their broad view on the world of work, they are often better positioned to do so than the client’s own internal departments can. We do so in light of a long-term relationship because our client experience is the best marketing for our services.

To manage a large division at a global chemical company, our projects were in need of team leaders to operationally manage a ‘Procure to Pay’ workforce. We asked Experis to help us find team leaders with a flexible mindset because of the complexity of the mission, the duration of the mission and the diversity of the workforce to be managed. The workforce consisted of 25 different nationalities, and as many cultures and languages.

Experis communicated open and transparently, which resulted in the enrolment of six team leaders in our management team in a very short timeframe. Experis had understood the challenge and dispatched a very diverse team with five different nationalities. Now, after four months, these six team leaders have shown to have one thing in common: they are true experts that aim for no less than 100% customer satisfaction. Thank you Experis!