Evolution & development

At Experis, we do not just invest in the career path of our project consultants, we also judge important the development of our internal staff. Competence development and internal mobility are two important sources of motivation.
As a result of our Talent Management program and our Experis HR Academy training program, every staff member is given the opportunity to develop oneself in his or her function. Career paths can be linear from junior to advanced to senior, but can be more diverse implying a change of role or evolve into a new set of skills. All of those paths are possible within Experis.
Our Experis HR Academy training program delivers a fully fledged series of training sessions from the day of arrival, adapted to the role and skills of every single person joining the team. New competencies are mastered to rapidly increase the level of productivity within the job. But this training is not just aimed at the entry level. Advanced staff is targeted with more specific programs to bring their skills to the next level.