Our teams

From our offices in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Braine, more than 60 Experis staff members feel the heartbeat of today’s labor market. In Windhof, Luxemburg, another team of ten staff members serves the local market very successfully.

Our Experis staff are subject matter experts. Through a deliberate policy of internal promotion, our staff is molded in the values, attitudes and processes that differentiate Experis from the large majority of companies that operate in our line of business, and that is something you will notice from the very first contact with our staff members. We capitalize on our Experis Academy, preparing them for their job and keeping an eye on their continuous development within our organization.

In our annual people survey (targeting our staff), Experis in 2016 marks the perfect 100% in response to the question “are you committed to do what is necessary to help our organization be successful”?    That percentage is no coincidence… Our staff knows what Experis represents, knows that this combination of quality and speed in execution asks for efforts, and is committed to delivering those efforts.